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NorthPeak partners serve as independent directors in fund boards. While acting in this role, we are committed to integrity and best practices in governance. NorthPeak directors in fund boards improve investor protection and support overall responsibility in financial markets.



NorthPeak has a prudent approach to social responsibilities, such as fulfilling all tax and pension payment liabilities. We seek to comply with all OECD tax principles.

Our corporate culture is built on high integrity, ethics and openness. As a small firm, we have an advantage of flexibility and a nimble way of operating. However, it is paramount that we have well considered governance measures in place to enhance the quality of our services and to protect the interests of our clients and other stakeholders.

While conflicts of interest are hard to completely avoid, our business model is built with a view to mitigate any potential conflicts. Additionally, we have established a well thought-out conflict policy and process in order to resolve conflicts as they arise, and to ensure that we treat confidential information properly. 

NorthPeak has a strict cyber policy to protect our data, operations as well as confidential client information.



We desire to be mindful of our environmental impact. By far, the majority of our carbon footprint is due to business travel. While in-person contacts are an important part of business relationships, we try to reduce our travels by participating remotely through telephone or video conferencing to business as well as board meetings, when reasonable. We are also offsetting the flight emissions, if there are sensible and credible options available.


As a client of an office hotel, we share our space with other businesses, which enhances the energy efficiency of our operations. Our partners frequently work remotely from home office, which reduces the need for commuting. Additionally, some of our partners' home electricity contracts have been set up with renewable electricity. 

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Northpeak is a signatory of the UN PRI.

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